Project Management

We take on the technical project management and employ experienced project managers to realise your SAP infrastructure project. Deadlines, resources, quality and costs are always guaranteed thanks to careful checks. The focus is on SAP, and our consultations are therefore manufacturer-independent.

We offer our customers the following support with the management and execution of their projects:

  • Responsibility for the management and implementation of infrastructure projects while meeting customers’ needs and requirements. We provide proven and experienced project managers to manage IT projects
  • Manufacturer-independent consulting both on hardware (server and storage) and on software (operating system and database).
  • ‘SAP is at the heart of it all’ – the procedure models, tools and recommendations of SAP are implemented efficiently and transparently.

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Flyer SAP Project Management

Project Management

We provide trained and certified project managers to manage small to large projects. Based on the international project management standards and SAP procedure models and tools, the startup or updating of SAP infrastructure is supported and implemented.

  • Project Management (IT project management) according to recognised standards
  • Planning and managing SAP infrastructure projects
  • Development, checking, and support (PoC) with SAP technology concepts
  • SAP IT architecture and design
  • Support with hardware evaluation (server, memory, operating system and database)
  • Developing high availability concepts for the SAP platform (virtualisation, clustering, high availability and stand-by database)
  • Working out SAP backup and restore concepts
  • Developing disaster recovery concepts
  • Planning and performing SAP upgrades, unicode conversions and platform migrations
  • Developing SAP system and operating concepts
  • Coming up with test concepts