Managed Services

Our Operation Support Centre provides SAP Technology Management Services on 24 x 7 x 365 basis to support and maintain our customers SAP environments, delivering high quality services with maximum flexibility, efficiency and scalability of Operations.

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The help desk complements our operations support services, so that full support and a high level of availability of your SAP infrastructure are guaranteed. Our help desk provides fast, professional and reliable support in line with your requirements. To complement your internal support structure, we take over second and/or third level support for the operation of your production and/or project environment.

SPOC (Single Point of Contact)
for help desk customers via the phone and/or e-mail:
Hotline: +41 44 521 73 53

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Regular monitoring activities and daily system checks, as well as pro-active working and thinking ahead, help to identify potential problems at an early stage and to prevent them in time. Corrective measures are implemented immediately and optimizations are planned and implemented by means of change management.

The set of subscribed services, the guaranteed reaction and resolution time and the provided support times are modular and available as service and support packages.


  • Permanent system monitoring 7 x 24h
  • Support times 5 x 24h or 7 x 24h
  • Daily system checks
  • Weekly analysis of SAP EarlyWatch Alert report
  • Acts as a virtual extension of customers IT support environment
  • Combined offerings for Operations, Maintenance and Administration
  • Aggressive off-shoring through 7 x 24h service
  • Fixed-cost approach for Maintenance and Support
  • Offers multiple level of support
  • SLA-based management and performance measurement
  • Reduced TCO with greater flexibility and scalability
  • Standardized support and delivery process based on ITIL best practices

Services & SLA

  • Four different Service Packages
  • Three different Service Levels, available per SAP system
  • Support Model 5 x 24h and 7 x 24h, available per SAP system
  • Differentiation between ten different SAP system types

The Service Package defines the set of subscribed services per SAP landscape. Available Service Packages: Light, Base, Comfort, Priority.

The Service Level defines the guaranteed reaction and resolution time per SAP system. Available Service Levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum.