SAP Offshore as a Service

We offer IT System Integrators and IT Outsourcing companies the opportunity to obtain offshore solutions as a service. This will instantly enable your company  to offer qualified and professional offshore services and integrate offshore services into your existing offerings. The desired cost savings are immediately realised and it removes all the challenges of building your own offshore teams. In addition, we as your contact and business partner are a Swiss company which operates according to Swiss quality standards.

We offer the following offshore models for IT System Integrators:

Onsite and Offshore Mix
The project activities are carried out in a mixture of local services – at a customer site (and / or at the Swiss site of the service provider) – and offshore resources.

Pure Offshore-Modell
If possible, all project activities are carried out offshore. Only the coordination, for example, the project management is performed locally on site at customer location (and / or at the Swiss site of the service provider), assuming a personal interaction is either desired or necessary, or the service provider is requesting for it, for example due to project scope requirements.

Team-Building Offshore external
A dedicated offshore team will be created for the service provider, including project management, and infrastructure as a service for an agreed time period of usually 6 to 18 months (Outsourcing Project).

Team-Building Offshore own
A dedicated offshore team (eg “Java Development Team”) which operates exclusively for the service provider will be built with optionally project management and infrastructure included for a fee (Build and Operate).